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Accolade Hounds

Simply, carefully and responsibly placing hounds into homes

0800 0886634

Carefully matching your needs to our hounds

Accolade Hounds is a small independant non-profit organisation that rescues and rehomes hounds in the East of England. It is run by a group of experienced volunteers who believe in homing hounds responsibly. We pride ourself on our ability to match hounds successfully so that both families and hounds can live happily with eachother.

Matching home to hound

Our homing process is simple. It starts with us arranging a home consultation where you are given the opportunity to let us know all about your needs and the lifestyle you would like a hound to be happy with. During this consultation we will gather all the information we need to match you with your perfect hound.

We never rush the matching process and the consultation may be followed up by more discussion depending on your individual circumstances and prior to suggesting a hound that we think suits you.

You are then given the opportunity to meet the hound we suggest and take him or her for a walk in an appropriate location, after which we discuss next steps.

As we view each home and hound as individuals, we look at your circumstances and depending on whether we deem it appropriate, we may also allow you to meet the hound in your own home.

There's a hound out there for everyone

There is a hound out there for everyone, whether you are shy, outgoing, live a busy lifestyle or have a calm and relaxed outlook to life. Age is no boundary, full time workers and families with children can all offer good homes to the correct hound.

Without judging you, Accolade Hounds gets to know you and will find you a hound that will enjoy your lifestyle and live happily alongside all of your idiosyncrasies.

Different from other rescue and rehoming organisations

Accolade Hounds differs from the usual rescue and rehoming organisations because we think less about the quantity of hounds we home and more about helping homes that would not normally be able to offer a home to a hound without the help, advice and matching service that we provide free.

We understand that not everyone approaches dog ownership in the same way and that there is a select group of homes that would make excellent places for our hounds to live but who need to be more selective. This might be due to lifestyle, health, age or experience.

We look at each case on its own merit and take time to get to know you. We do not have blanket rules or guidelines for placing hounds into homes and will only ever suggest a hound if we truely believe that it is the correct match for you.

Accolade Hounds will gently guide you through the adoption process and help you settle your new hound into your home.

Call Accolade Hounds today to find out more on 08000 88 66 34