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Accolade Hounds

Simply, carefully and responsibly placing hounds into homes

0800 0886634

Helping you adopt the right hound

How is Accolade different from other rescue and rehoming organisations

Larger rescues tend to focus on finding homes for hounds that they already have in their care. Accolade is only small and can offer homes a much more personal service, taking more time to get to know you, find the right hound for you and help you introduce your new hound into your home.

Why are Accolade Hounds always fostered before being adopted?

At Accolade Hounds we believe that we get to know our hounds much better if we use foster carers instead of kennels so wherever possible we try and place them in an appropriate home so that they show their true colours prior to going into a permanent home. We also believe that hounds are happier and therefor healthier when in a home so by not keeping hounds in kennels, our vet costs should be kept lower and hounds with medical problems should recover sooner. On the odd occassion, we may need to keep a hound short term in kennels. This could be for a number of reasons, however we will always endeavour to place them in a foster home as soon as is possible.

I work full time, is there really a hound that would enjoy living with me?

As long as you are 100% committed to owning a hound, we believe that there is a hound for you.